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Japan Expo

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 8, 2015, 1:14 PM
Hello there! 
It's been a long time...again! Why can't I keep my journal going?

So i visited Japan Expo. It was on Sunday afternoon. I didn't have much time but I was able to appreciate the size and quality of the convention. And now I definetely want to go to comic con ^__^
Modern Merida at Japan Expo 2015 by shua-cosplay

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Journal Entry: Sat Nov 22, 2014, 10:33 AM



Simply WOW! I took notice that my page has been visited >35k times! This is amazing! I can't express how happy I am with almost 2ooo comments and constant support form watchers and fellow cosplayers!


Merida Brave Video Backstage by shua-cosplay

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Journal Entry: Fri Nov 7, 2014, 2:12 AM

Hey pals! I'm guilty. I haven't been deviant friendly for some time! (Sounds funny). So I'm going to make a few announcements! 

  • First, I'm going to post weekly! 'cause I'm nice like that ^.^ 
  • Second, please welcome my BEST CONVENTION SCHEDULE EVER. >.<

  • Third, I'm going to have new videos on youtube as soon as I'm finished with the new costumes! So please subscribe!…

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Shua's official website!

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 27, 2013, 9:44 AM

Hi there! 
I'm so excited after my journey to Frankfurt Bookfair, DCM and watching EuroCosplay from London Comic Con. And I'm more than excited to share my new web-site with you!,…. Here you can find my signed prints for sale, my personal information and the story of my cosplay costumes. 

Feel free to join! 
p.s. Getting prepared for a huge Russian convention! I'm gonna judge a Russian Cosplay Championship! I'm so excited. Overexcited!

Graphics by tyleramato
CSS by moonfreak
Hallo! Es ist ein Monat bis Frankfurter Buchmesse! Ich werde 12 und 13 Oktober in Cosplay Corner wandern und ich werde euch bei DCM treffen. So komm und grüss mich! Can't wait to see ya all!!!!!  Awwwww~

Merida - Aim at destiny by shua-cosplay

BRAVE: Stories Untold UPDATE

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 13, 2013, 8:34 AM
Hello dear friends! This journal will help you follow Merida's adventures. It will be updated in time, as soon as new costumes, photos and videos appear!

List of episodes

Episode#01 MEET YOUR PRINCE english
Episode#02 FERGUS TECHING eng subs
We're expecting 10 episodes and a few specials. Stay in touch SUBSCRIBE


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Hi there~
Great news! We were chosen the Best Russian Cosplay Team at J-Fest convention in Moscow!
We won a trip to Japan! Full of emotions and happiness!


Vampire Hunter D performance by shua-cosplay
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Hi there~
Nice to be writing here again. I've got some news to share.
News on BRAVE
First of all, the "BRAVE: Stories Untold" project has started and you can watch the video now!…
The first episode is called Meet your prince
Meet your prince video screenshot BRAVE by shua-cosplay
Merida is to meet her prince and get married, but the prince is unwilling too. So what is going to happen?

And I have a new Merida's dress.
BRAVE Merida by shua-cosplay Merida - Scottisch Princess by shua-cosplay Merida Cosplay - Brave Princess by shua-cosplay
is made by myself. You might have recognized the curles, but it's an sbsolutely different wig: I made it from two wigs. It took a day to finish for a cosplay convention. I like the color extremely!
is made by myself. I use my own patterns, the dress is made of wool, embroidery is handmade. I made the dress specially for the video. I like the black dress more than her casual one, it's more beautiful and...impressive so to say.
is also made by me. I used man-made leather and colored it myself. It was a little tiresome but I went all the way through and enjoyed it to some extend. I totally like the result.
are made by my friend Michiru and me. He helped me with the wooden bow and stitching the feathers. I colored the bow and every its detail.
It is normally cold in Russia. But last years we have been blessed by autumn sun. Not this autumn... This year it's freezing cold, the rains are falling non-stop. My photographer (Kate NoMad) caught cold, she was BRAVE enough to accept a photoshoot invitation. My mum helped a lot during the process. I wasn't cold - the dress and the wig kept me warm.
We were absolutely happy to find such a lovely place in a wood. one could shoot a wonderland-film there. I had to climb trees and it was cool. But noe I know that it's impossiblt to run in a forest with such hair and dress!
Merida - A perfect day BRAVE cosplay by shua-cosplay
I'm working on an Assassin's creed costume - female version.
It's going to be hell-sexy!
And I'm going to work on two Merida's costumes:
a royal dress and royal armour!
Good luck,
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Good day to you!
It's so rainy in Russia! Permanent rainfalls prevent our working on project BRAVE: Stories Untold. But we must be BRAVE and wait for the sun to come out to show you a very entertaing captivating video!
Yes. I'm cosplaying Merida. Because we're pretty much alike. Right now I have
+the bow and arrows
+a true medieval sword
+a blue dress
+a black dress from the final scene
+a hawk

We're going to have
+a horse
and much more interesting characters from a crossover.

Brave Merida by shua-cosplay
So this is a little teaser for you to warm you up! Happy October!
YOU CAN FIND ME HERE (every page has been upgraded)

p.s. promise to write moreoften!
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Good day to you all!
I am to share some happy news!
First of all, I'd like to thank you for your watches and subscribes on my youtube page. The newest video Ai no SHINIGAMI increased the popularity of GrellxUndertaker paring. It's good to know. As you could have noticed, we now shoot in full HD and our camera-man has really improved his skills lately.
The more cosplay movies we make - the better I understand the secretes of script-writing, of choosing scenery/backgound. If you have any good web-site to share on that topic - please leave a comment.
Some really good cosplay videos are waiting: funny, touching, captivating and even tragic. But everything's good in its season.
And finally...I was invited to act as a second director of a historical war film. Not the one that's going to be shown in cinemas, but at schools, museums & so on. I'm gonna help with the choice of backgrounds, angles, camera lenses, actors' emotions. The shooting starts in autumn and will take several months.
But before that I have to do a lot of acting and directing for my own short cosplay videos.
Have the best holidays!
p.s. Sorry for rare writing - have to make a good deal for cosplay.
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Good day, friends!
I have something very special for you: it's a gift! Grell Sutcliff and Undertaker present the most charming before-going-to-bed video! Enjoy the sunshine, the fresh grass and the lovely music. No freaking out this time - only joy! Relax and click…
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Hello sweet kuroshitsuji-lovers!
Though we don't have a special non-convention video, fell free to check out the one we took at Toguchi-con in Moscow this May!…

p.s. A new professional shinigami-video with UNDERTAKER soon!
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At last! Sorry for a day of delay, you are very welcome to watch the performance "Revolver" based on Trinity Blood anime here… Leave your comments on and don't forget to subscribe, 'coz I'm gonna upload some fabulous videos!
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Hi guys!
A bit tired but still enthusiastic! The convent is over and I have to get ready for Toguchi-convention. Congratulations to the winners, cheers to the runners-up! We did a great job! Hope to show you the video soon!
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Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw guys we've passed a selection for the World Cosplay Summit Competition among Russian cos-bands! So we've got some time to practice! Oh I'm so excited! The Russian competition will take place on April 15th. Wow!
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Hey-hey-hey, sweets!

As I wrote previously, I'm planning to participate in some anime conventions this spring. And the first one is Ichiharu. So, on March 17th Moscow saw my cosplay performance as Kirin - Pet Shop of Horrors. check out here…

You can also have a look at the photo of my costume…

It was a great experience! Russian readers will soon be able to read the diary-notes about the trip.

I'd like to congratulate all the winners and cheer up those who didn't win, but definetely helped to make the convent so bright!

Now I have a medal and it's so pleasant as I wanted one ^___^

p.s. promise to write soon!

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Hello, my on-line-never-mind-ponktuation friends!

I hope that everyone got his\her Valentine-card! "Everyone" means "everyone who wrote me the Nickname and the email"!

I'm not good at making cards, but .... I tried.

So, spring is coming, I can feel it by the ice melting above my window. And anime festivals are coming (I can tell that from a schedule XD ). So soon fresh news will appear here with info, links to photo, cosplay performance-videos and backstage-videos.

I hope that there's at least one good day for you every week! I really do.

so excited, Shua
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Hi there,
As long as I we didn't have a special Xmas emaling, I'm gonna make it on St Valentine's!

Rules as usual as simple as that:
> leave your Name/nickname and email here in the comment section or send a message to

Aaaaaaaand you get:
> a personal St.Valentine's card with a signature and a photo from a new photoshoot, you're gonna see it first!

Best wishes~
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Hi everyone!

Have you ever thought of a backstage video of the costume-making? Of course you have! Then you think: where do I get the cam? Who makes the records? Do I have to reveal my ugly secretes of saw-job? XD Gosh! That's too much!

Okay, I did it! Really! I guess it's going to look damn funny, I swear, guys! But it's the first video of the full process. Of course it's cut and takes several minutes to watch. You can find some scenes funny, some sweet, I don't mean to bore you at all ^__^! That's why I'm trying to make it watchable-ble-buble-bbbbl.

The first one will show you Grell Sutcliffe Geisha's costume! You'd better like it! XD

I'll post a link on DA as usual!

UNTIL THEN, enjoy the shameless Kuroshitsuji-Musical-II-Costume!…

p.s. By the way! I'm absolutely real in the backstage! I mean, no wigs, special make-up & so on!!!!
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Why? Why do I always choose the most difficult way to perform?????

This time it's LIPSINGING! Watch the funny video on youtube…


To tell the truth, I have never tried to video lipsinging, but it is such a mainstream XD !

Well, to say nothing of my terrible coughing, that was difficult. You have to remember the parts of both the boy- and the girl-version of Grell.
Besides, it's hard to catch up with the tempo!!!

But the biggest problem was cutting and post-produstion! It took much time, trust me.


See ya online soon! Bye-bye!
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